Tell Your Clocktower Story

ClockTracker is a tool to record games of Blood on the Clocktower and connect with friends. Join hundreds of players in tracking your games, sharing your experiences, and improving your bluffs.

Record your games and share them with your friends. Look back at the games you've played, and remember the best experiences you've had with your friends.

Share your games with your friends, and see what games they have played! Record your roles throughout the game, which script was played, and other details.

You can also add notes about the game, upload images to remember your favorite moments, and record a full grimoire of the game.

Don’t let the data define you, use it and improve your game. Track what scripts and roles you play, and see how you perform over time.

Follow your friends and see what scripts they've been trying out! You can also follow your favorite creators and see what they've been up to recently to bring back to your own games.

What will your story be?